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Pool & Spa Services

Lohf & Leisure provides full pool service. This full service includes: checking water chemistry & balance of the pool water, turn on and examine equipment, skim pool surface and vacuum pool if needed, brush pool surfaces, examine and adjust auto cleaning system, empty skimmer baskets, and back wash your filter. We will also treat the pool water & help you maintain the proper water chemistry balance of your pool. We will even leave you a service slip letting you know the date and services provided. Let us worry about the cleaning & maintenance so you can enjoy your pool all season long!

We offer all pool cleaning and repair services. We have listed a few of our most common types of services below. If you do not see what you are looking for, feel free to call or email us or stop by the store!

swimming pool cleaning tools

Pool Cleaning

  • Weekly
  • Twice a Week
  • Bi-Weekly
  • One Time Cleaning
  • Summer Only
  • Vacation or Out of town
  • Chemical Only
  • Tile Cleaning

Filter Cleaning

  • D.E. filter cleaning twice a year
  • Sand change needed every 5 years
  • Cartridge filter cleaning twice a year

swimming pool maintenanceInstall and Repair

  • Above Ground Pool Installation
  • Filter repair/replacement
  • Motor and pump repair/replacement
  • Pool timers
  • All types of pool cleaners
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Salt cell cleaning
  • Acid wash
  • Pool liners
  • Other parts not mentioned



Billiard Services

We provide professional, detailed work to all makes and models of billiard tables. Lohf & Leisure can fix pockets of various designs, replace parts, repair rail cushions, and restore damage caused by external factors such as water. All of our work is guaranteed.

ChicagoWe offer the following services:

  • Pool table moving
  • Take downs
  • Setting up
  • Re-felting
  • Re-cushion
  • Re-leveling
  • Re-finishing
  • Minor touch-ups

Billiard/Pool Table Moving:

L & L properly moves your pool table by disassembling the table and safely loading it into our secured, enclosed trailer. Once the table arrives at its new home, it is reassembled, leveled, seams are sealed, and the felt is installed.

Billiard/Pool Table Re-felting:

Re-felting includes having all the existing felt removed on the bed and rails, undercarriage of slate cleaned of all old staples, level checked and/or corrected, slate plate checked and/or slate seams checked and/or corrected and the new felt is installed on the bed and rails.

Rubber Cushion Replacement on Pool Tables:

Lohf & Leisure will remove the old cushions, sand all of the old adherent off of the rails, install the new rail cushions and refelt the rails if requested.


Please make sure to call at (785) 823-8142, email us at sales@lohfandleisure.com or visit us at the store for a complete description of the other services that we offer. We are here to make your repairs, replacements and maintenance of pools, hot tubs and billiards as simple as possible.