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Lohf & Leisure is your source for above ground pools, spas, billiards, patio including grills and furniture, and game room supplies. We offer maintenance to all in and above ground pools and spas. We can set up, move, or re-felt your pool table. Lohf & Leisure offers water testing to make sure your pool or spa has the proper level of chemicals. We have a wide variety of chemicals in the store available from chlorine, salt, or Baquacil to keep your pool/spa clean and clear.

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We are a local supplier for some of the most popular and trusted billiards, spa and grill brands in the United States!

You can call us at (785) 823-8142 or email us at sales@lohfandleisure.com or visit our store for more information on all the products we have to offer and to place your order!